Sunday, June 21, 2009

Video Introduction to the Electric Circuit

The video introduces the concept of an electric circuit; the very basis to the more complex electronic circuits. It describes the difference between an open and closed circuit. The analogy of water being sent through pipes & drains from a water tank is used to help viewers grasp the concept of electricity flowing through wires on an electric circuit. The author explains further that there is no source or destination of electrons inside an electric circuit. The electrons flow continuously inside the circuit without the benefit of the hypothetical electron sources & destination.

As long as there is an unbroken loop of conductive material, there will be continuous flow as described in the marbles in hula hoop circuit; a never ending looped pathway for electrons. Basically, any discontinuity (break) anywhere on the electric circuit will result in the failure to maintain a sustained flow of electrons in it. Video wise, this video will be a good introduction for viewers who are just beginning to learn about electronic circuits & how they work. TUNE IN!

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