Friday, June 19, 2009

Blast into the Past Electricity Video

Let us take a blast into the past, specifically to the year 1948. This video is more in depth than the previous Introductory to Electricity video. The video below is entitled ‘What is Electricity’. The video takes about twenty minutes so be prepared to sit back & relax. Hopefully, viewers won’t fall asleep again. One will be introduced to how an atom is structured, protons & neurons inside a nucleus of an atom, & etc.

Some parts of the ‘What is Electricity’ video are a bit shaky because it is an old film. Also shown is how a traditional zinc copper battery a.k.a. cell works. The video is not the best of explanation of electricity I have seen, particularly with regards to explaining the principles of current flow; pressure or voltage, current intensity (ampere), & resistance (ohms) but it is not too bad. Maybe it’s just because of the boring narrative voice. Anyways, TUNE IN!

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