Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some Kind of Start - Introduction to Electricity

First & foremost is an introduction to Electricity. Just view the video as a start, for entertainment sake, whatever the value it provides to your fresh mind. It is possible that you will still be in the dark regarding electricity especially for folks who view the video without an encompassing goal to produce something that stems out of the electronic industry. It probably is not exactly the best intro to electricity video put there but it’s all I could find on YouTube.

Hopefully, you won’t fall asleep somewhere during the video play. Obviously, the video maker is a follower of the Electron theory where current is perceived to flow from negative to positive points. However there is another theory of electricity which is called the Conventional theory where the current flow is the exact opposite. Whichever, it does not matter to anyone, at least not in this early stage of understanding electricity. TUNE IN!

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