Sunday, August 2, 2009

Applying Online for a Public Bank Visa Debit Card

I applied for the Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card a few days ago through the online application website. Mind you, the procedure is quite extensive & one would have to complete five pages of filling information. Why am I doing it?

Well, Paypal offers the new withdrawal option. Only Visa debit/credit cards can be used for it. I shall not even bother to try using my Ambank nexG debit card for it because it is a type Mastercard. At least not until Paypal puts on banners for it. More about Public Bank Visa Debit Card online application.

So moving on about the Public Bank Visa Debit Card, one is required to provide a copy of identification card (both sides) for Malaysian citizens & a passport copy for foreigners. Yes, foreigners have the chance to apply for the debit card too!

Then print out the provided online application, sign it, & send it along with the identification document copies to the stated Public Bank address within thirty days of application. Saving $2.5 per withdrawal (VMI debit card $7.5 including fees) can buy me a decent meal today. :-)

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