Saturday, January 9, 2010

The First Few Hours - Combating Malware 030110 to 060110

Last Sunday I was looking into a problem with a laptop that ceased to have its Windows XP SP2 function properly. The Windows XP SP2 installation on the laptop looked a bare self than its usual - missing its vibrant colors and glossy finish. Worse off, it could not start most of the applications including the security ones like Spybot Search & Destroy and PcTools anti virus. Being it unable to connect to the internet and I had no anti malware/spyware/adware tools (I doubt would be able to start on the laptop anyway), I then decided to have the important data on in the c: drive saved into the d: drive then reformat the c: hard disk partition and install a new clean copy of Windows XP SP2.

All went on as normal with the reformatting and installing a clean copy of Windows XP SP2, you know, like there is no better way to burn a few hours of your life playing with Micro-junk. Anyway, I then decided to do an online update for the new Windows installation. The first update went well and there were no problems, well, at least not any obvious ones. However, the second online update which was for upgrading the Windows SP2 to Windows SP3 did not result in a way I expected it too. The Windows XP just went crazy after the installation! Update.exe cmd windows started popping up like mad after a restart and the CPU is pushed to its limit with svchost.exe files racking up computer resources.

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