Saturday, January 9, 2010

So What? I Have another Computer - Combating Malware 030110 to 060110

This is the reason why I have an extra computer especially for the purpose of diagnostic, researching online, and solving any problems of another computer. Let me tell you that before all this happened to the laptop, I was on another computer - downloading software torrents. Most of it were decently clean or at least claimed to be cleaned. Usually, I don't bother scanning these downloads. Yeah, my bad! One of the torrent downloads, unlike normal was picked up as harboring a Malware by PcTools anti-virus.

The Malware was dormant when in the RAR file and in the install application. That was why the anti-virus did not detect anything wrong with it. Probably, some top of the line anti-virus might have picked up its scent even when it was dormant but hey, I'm cheap. Therefore, without any suspicion I brought the Malware along with a myriad of other torrent download software over to the newly reformatted, clean copy installed Win XP SP2, freshly updated to SP3 laptop. All is still well now.

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