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Making the Sale with Sales Pages e-book by Unique Blog Designs, LLC (2010)

Making the Sale with Sales Pages e-book by Unique Blog Designs, LLC (2010)

Succeeding in affiliate marketing is by far no easy task. This e-book provides readers with the critical tips in creating a professional standard sales page. The content of ‘Making the Sale with Sales Pages’ e-book is direct and concise, addressing important sales converting aesthetics and copywriting issues. This saves you time in reading a lot of unnecessary affiliate marketing ‘how-to’ ramblings prevalent in other affiliate marketing e-books. Furthermore, you won’t find any website coding tips in here.

Now as you may already know, the biggest obstacle in affiliate marketing is finding people in your target market and lots of them. That part of affiliate marketing is beyond the scope of this ‘Making the Sale with Sales Pages’ e-book. Nonetheless, having millions of people in your target market is useless without a sales converting capable sales page. Hence the reason why this e-book will be very important for the beginner affiliate marketer in you.

Title: Making the Sale with Sales Pages
Author / s: Unique Blog Designs, LLC
Year published: 2010
Pages: 26
Chapters: 6 - from introduction, history to breaking down the components of a sales page
Format: Narrative ‘how-to’ guide
Estimated reading completion: 1 hour
Target niche: affiliate marketer wannabes, computer enthusiasts interested in the affiliate marketing business

‘Making the Sale with Sales Pages’ Content Glimpses
  1. Research
    • Laziness in not wanting to do research will shine through your sales page
    • You’re not going to sound like you know what you’re talking about because you DON’T
    • People are dumb but they aren’t that dumb!

  2. Time, Money, Effort
    • When people are buying a product or service, they almost always believe that they are gaining something that will give them a leg-up on either finances, gaining more time to do what they want to do, or just having to work less at whatever they do for a job

  3. Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica
    • Font wise for the body text, you can either go with what we suggest with the Tahoma font, or you can go with either Arial or Helvetica
    • Whatever you do, though, don’t stray from any of those fonts for the body text

  4. Big problem
    • For instance, say you were selling a product that detailed how people can learn the basics and succeed quickly in the world of PPC (pay per click marketing) then you could suggest that, unlike many other things, failing to succeed with PPC early can be very, very expensive

  5. Big solution
    • Focus on how it will benefit them and feel free to further focus on how it will help them make more money, spend less time on a problem or expend less effort on whatever it is they’re looking for

  6. 30 day guarantee
    • Adding a 30 day money back guarantee will not only vastly increase the number of people who will ultimately purchase your product or service, but believe it or not, it will also help to reduce the number of refund requests that you’ll be getting

  7. 5 step / reasons box
    • A 5 step summary on how your product or service can help benefit the reader will not only be interesting to the reader, but it will also likely cut down on the overall length of your sales page
    • Same thing with a 5 reasons section – just make sure that you title it with something attention-getting like, “The 5 Reasons You’ll Be Able to Quit Your Job after Reading My E-book!” Be original, be imaginative and put your own spin on it

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