Sunday, February 7, 2010

Standby to Use that Magnificent Machine

You must be excited thinking about the new computer that you are planning to buy. Put that excitement to good use and start thinking about optimizing the space where you will be using the computer. Find a space where there is no direct sunlight at times when you will be using the computer most shining into that space.

Take a look at the power outlets available at the space where you will be using your new computer. Is there enough power available or are you going to be sharing one power outlet with a myriad of home equipment. Overloading a power outlet can be dangerous. A dedicated outlet for your computer is ideal.

You would not want your new computer to be fried when there is a power surge in your home wiring. Investing about $30 in a good power surge suppressor / protector can save you the cost of repairing or even buying another new computer. You can plug your computer, printer, scanner, audio system, etc that’s related to your computer together onto the power surge protector and control them with a single switch. Good power surge protectors can even handle a phone line and cable connections.

Talking about phone connections, it is a good idea to have a phone line outlet close-by your work space. This is because in the event that you encounter a problem with your computer, you can easily pick up the phone and call the technical support who will guide you step by step through the diagnosis or solution to the problem.

Ensure that on your workspace you have ample storage areas for your printer paper, computer books, storage discs, printer cartridges, warranty slips, etc. Maintain this space to be free from dust and easily reachable to you when you work with your computer.

Another essential item to take care of is your working chair. Since you will be spending hours working on your computer at that desk, it is very important to maintain good posture and feel comfortable while working. Find one that is capable of supporting your back and offers adjustable height change to reduce eye and wrist strain.

That large box that came with the computer you bought should be kept in the store. You never know when you might have to bring your computer for servicing or repair. With the original storage box available, you have a safe way for transporting your computer.

Now that you have your new computer inside your home, you must ensure that there is a strong enough support beneath it to take on the weight of the computer. Be especially cautious when using a pop-up table and ensure that the braces are locked in place before placing the computer on the table.

Allow the computer to adapt to your home environment before you turn it on. Extreme change of temperature can be the cause of equipment malfunction. Two hours allocated for your spanking new computer to sit on your desktop is ample time for it to adapt to the change of temperature. Thereafter you new computer will be ready to help you be more productive.

Lastly, don’t be ashamed about using some old fashioned tools to help you maintain good productivity. It is common for someone to forget a few things that were supposed to be done before switching off the computer. Use post-it notes and stick them on the side of your computer monitor so that you are reminded easily on your next computer session.

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