Thursday, October 7, 2010

Aztech Modem Far Below Normal Performance Expectation

I’ve used a couple of DSL modems in the past. One was manufactured under the TMNET license and the most recent one was from Aztech. I bought a router which was the Aztech brand so I thought that buying a modem of the same brand was a good decision. Well, I was wrong. The Aztech DSL605EU which looks like a small white colored box started having problems a few days after its one year warranty expired. The quality of this device is far below normal expectations. The modem I got from TMNET lasted me at about five years before going kaput!

So I called the Aztech service center to make a complaint. The person gave me the normal ya-da ya-da; “There are many factors that cause the modem to fail,” and etc. Well, I told him that the TMNET technician had encountered many problems with customers using the same modem as mine. Then the Aztech personnel mentioned that they had not received many complaints about it. I told him that some people are lazy to call and complain. Come on, without complaints from customers like us these big companies will continue to sell low standard products and make quick unscrupulous profit from the end consumer like us. Anyway, He suggested that I bring the Aztech DSL605EU modem over to the service center in Kelana Jaya to get it repaired for about US$10. Well, that makes me laugh because the modem itself cost me about US$25.

Now why would I want to go travel half an hour by car and send the modem for repair and take it again another day (satu kerja la plak..huhu / now that’s a job by itself). The total cost of the trip would cost me the same as buying a new modem or perhaps more (with the toll cost). I told him that I am not going to buy an Aztech branded modem ever again.

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