Friday, October 1, 2010

Not Reminded TMNET Modem Having a Lifetime Warranty

I can’t believe that the TMNET technician did not mention to me about the TMNET modem having a lifetime warranty. Twice they came to my home and twice they did not mention to me about it. I told the customer service representative that these technicians should undergo some re-training about such issue. Not only did I buy a new modem last year to replace the broken TMNET modem (which lasted me a good five years by the way) but now the modem is misplaced and seems like I will have to buy another modem anyway. Sheeesh! The lifetime warranty is up in smoke - I’ll wait for the customer rep to call me again on Monday as see whether I can still get a new modem without having to return the old one (which I don’t have). Maybe it will be all right since I have been such a loyal customer to TMNET ISP.

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