Thursday, October 14, 2010

Can’t Get Free Replacement Modem

No! - got a call from the TMNET customer service regarding my ISP report status. This time a man called and told him about my modem issue. He told the ‘Inspection’ department or whatever it was called about it too. Thereafter, he mentioned that I have to find the old modem first in order to keep the lifetime warranty of the modem valid since they have to dispose of it (beats me what this means). Well, that pretty much sums up my options now. The old modem is gone and I can’t get a free replacement without it so I got to buy a new one. The only choices I have left where I will buy this new modem. I could buy it at TMPOINT at Ampang Point or buy it at the computer shop near there too. I could buy some other stuff as well like a new mouse and a phone splitter too.

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