Saturday, October 16, 2010

Using ZyXEL P-660R with Aztech Router

This evening I went to TMpoint and bought a new modem. I got the ZyXEL P-660R Compact Series ADSL2+Router modem (comes with a phone splitter & an cat-5 ethernet cable too). It cost me about US$25. I have never heard of this brand but after browsing the ZyXEL company website. I found out that this brand is an internationally distributed brand which covers Russian sector, Europe, Asia, America and Africa too. Good for me then. Huhu. The best thing is that I did not have to but the crappy white box Aztech modem again. Believe or not, I saw the same modem sold at TMpoint too!

When I installed the modem at my home tonight I encountered a few problems. This modem is not exactly a pug and play type probably due to its router compatibility function (don’t ask me what this means). Anyway, I wanted this modem to connect to my existing Aztech router instead of directly to a computer. The problem was that the installation guide only provides instructions for direct modem operation to the computer.

So I had to blow another night in hardware mode. I spent one hour fooling around with the new modem to computer connection configuration. I opened the default ip address, changed password, and a lot of settings (basically I don’t remember what I did). I even went through the wizard (called genie here) installation guide that came with the CD but to no avail. I finally got the configuration I wanted to work with this modem by switching off the DHCP server at the Aztech router settings accessible through the browser. There and then I had internet access but only through one computer. Then I enabled the DHCP server again at the router settings to allow my other computers internet access. Everything works peachy now!

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