Thursday, March 24, 2011

Organized Productive Anti-Production

Today rich people are taking advantage of the poor who are skilled by having them work and sleep and the same through the weekends too almost all year. What is this? This practically fits the term “Slavery”. The more unfortunate gets paid only enough to sustain their daily lives and have to scrap and make more sacrifices to save money for emergencies, holiday etc while their employers receive ridiculously disproportionate income for their employees’ hard work. Where are the workers’ rights for their own time? Where are the workers’ rights for their own balance in life? Where are the workers’ productive anti-production? These unscrupulous employers are literally using employees’ blood in pursuit of their own worldly riches.

Today more important than ever before, skilled workers must organize their productive anti-production activities. Play video games or do whatever it sensibly takes to detach from the working world. Pick up a productive hobby that may or may not be helpful to one’s career. Most importantly, have fun doing things that can improve oneself as a human being. Increase one’s intelligence through simulations, games, tutorials etc. Master the work production with RMC organization and record it. This is useful to discuss impossible demands from employers and have the employer’s ideal be coherent with the employee’s human life. The employee is not a machine that the employer owns to use as wished until it breaks down. The employee is the same as the employer in all human aspect.

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