Thursday, March 31, 2011

TOPAMAX Gets Sued Even When Definite Cause for a Cleft Lip is Undiscovered

The Cleft Lip birth defect as seen on some new born babies is quite a mystery particularly regarding its causes. What causes this? Is it a genetic disorder inherited from the parents or is it something environmental for example due to the pregnant mother’s nicotine and alcohol intake, side effects from medicine, and etc? The experts at Mayo Clinic say the definite cause for a Cleft Lip is not yet discovered.

Definite cause aside, it is good enough to know that a possible cause, as in this case is the anti-convulsant drug called TOPAMAX is inviting a Topamax lawsuit.The reason being that the manufacturer did not originally list this particular Cleft Lip side effect possibility as a warning to its users. Users unknowingly purchased and used this drug during pregnancy and a number gave birth to babies with the Cleft Lip birth defect. So know they are suing.

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