Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thanks En.Zakwan for the Purchase of 230watts 24pin Power Supply

Sale date: June 2011

I would like to give thanks to En.Zakwan from Wangsa Maju, Selangor for the purchase of 230watts 24pin Power Supply. This is his first item purchase from GESW and he called me today enquiring about the availability of the PSU. He also stopped by at my home in Ampang today and bought the PSU for RM40 COD which was RM11 below my cost price. 

Initially I bought this PSU through a seller on and his ad was very misleading (I thought I was getting a true power 500watts PSU) so at least through this sale I could cut my losses. This item was “steal” for En.Zakwan as not only was the price lower than anywhere in the market, but the item was virtually brand new (never used) and only two months into its 1 year warranty. En.Zakwan seemed pleased with the deal (even waving goodbye as he rode off), easy to converse with and friendly first time customer.

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