Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thanks En.Rashid for the Purchase of Sturdy LCD Digital Temperature Sensor

Sale date: June 2011

I would like to give a warm Thanks to En.Rashid from Kg.Tanjung Sengkawang, Segamat, Johor for the purchase of Sturdy LCD Digital Temperature Sensor. This is his first item purchase from GESW as he sms’ed me asking about the item particularly whether the thermometer can be used to measure optimal temperature for live chicken eggs. I said, “As long as the temperature is not above 70c and the thermometer not subjected to open flame, this can be done.” He then proceeded to bank-in RM12 then SMS his name, email, and delivery address. The items were shipped after two days and arrived 2 weeks 1 day later to the specified address. Another pleased customer and deal well done.

Full address undisclosed to protect customer's privacy

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