Monday, February 20, 2012

Web Threats to Lookout for in 2012

Commonly used methods to distribute Malware on the web:

1. Blackhat search engine optimization (SEO) ranks Malware pages highly in search results.

2. Compromised legitimate websites host embedded Malware that spreads to unsuspecting visitors.

3. Drive-by downloads exploit flaws in browser software to install Malware just by visiting a webpage.

4. Malvertising embeds Malware in ad networks that display across hundreds of legitimate, high-traffic sites.

5. Social engineered click-jacking tricks users into clicking on innocent-looking webpages.

6. Spearphishing sites mimic legitimate institutions, such as banks, in an attempt to steal account login credentials.

These Malware threats include:
  • Botnet software to subvert the system into silently joining a network that distributes spam, hosts illegal content or serves malware.
  • Fake antivirus to extort money from the victim.
  • Keyloggers to capture personal information and account passwords for identity or financial theft.

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