Friday, November 2, 2012

Facebook Business Page Up

'See you got a business page up. Good ) Now you should make it outstanding than the other insurance agents from Prudential on facebook.

Would use a better title like 'Agen Alfie Membantu Simpanan Arif Anda di Hari Tua' or something more appealing. You think about that.

Content should be along the lines of showing people this is the insurance product they want and need and more importantly you are the agent they want and need.

This is not a sales page so no need to be pushy. This is more like a page to network with potential customers - showing you are genuinely involved in your deals. People will look at you as the revered expert.

Empower people with your knowledge of the industry and how this can benefit them apart from monetary value also. e.g. some people may not care about big returns because that may sound too good to be true anyway, and would rather feel confident that this deal is the smartest thing they have done. Earn their trust - on social networks, this move is very rewarding.

Passing along the words found online from Internet Marketers to you.

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