Thursday, January 31, 2013

Create Wall Work Sequence 3dsMax

1. Prepare Workspaces

a. Ascertain measurement type: inch & feet or Metric
b. Check units setup->Customize->Units Setup
c. Ascertain Snap settings->Which snap will be used? e.g. Endpoint
d. Ascertain Grid settings->e.g. Grid Spacing of 6"
e. Ascertain which viewport used first and maximize it e.g. Top viewport for wall plan (this means that only axis X & Y matters); Transform Type-In's to view measurement

2. Create Walls

a. Chosen method is 'Wall Primitive'
b. Go to Create->Geometry->Modifier dropdown list->AEC Extended
c. Click on 'Snaps' button to activate it
d. After clicking to draw wall->view Y Transform Type-In->0' 0" means wall straight on Y axis
e. Hit 'i' to extend viewport into the 'unseen' while in tool mode
f. Navigate with X & Y axis in mind
e. Close wall on initial point->Weld?->Yes->To finish right-click

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