Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Match Color Makes Image POP Photoshop

I don’t have the time to go about twiddling so many things in Photoshop during the post-edit stage of my 3ds Max images. Therefore I make things simpler for myself yet still get the results that I want. This is how I make the colors in the final image P-O-P using Photoshop.

a. Right-click on ‘Original’ layer -> Choose ‘Duplicate’ -> Name new layer as ‘Match_Color’
b. Click on ‘Auto Tone’, ‘Auto Contrast’, & ‘Auto Color’ as required
c. Go to ‘Image’ in main menu -> Adjustments -> Match Color
d. Adjust ‘Luminance’ to best natural looking brightness (range around max 140-160 will suffice depending on nature of design)
e. Adjust ‘Color Intensity’ to best natural looking color P-O-P-ping out (max range same as above though some designs make require a full 200)
f. Click ‘OK’ and save the ‘.jpg’ with maximum quality

Now the work is done & ready to be shown to the client!

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