Saturday, January 26, 2013

Targa Format Save Efficiently Create Isolated Image Photoshop

1. Creating a White Background for Final Isolation Image

a. Save final rendering as ‘Targa Image File’ file -> Makes the final image sharper for post-processing in Photoshop -> Also the ‘Alpha’ channel is efficient for creating a white background for an isolation image
b. Open saved Targa file in Adobe Photoshop -> Change ‘Background’ layer to editable layer (click on it twice and rename to ‘Original’) -> Click on ‘Channels’ tab -> Click ‘eye’ icon to activate ‘Alpha’ channel -> Switch off all the other channels above it
c. Ctrl + click object in box next to the ‘eye’ icon -> This makes a complete selection of the object’s outline -> Go to ‘Select’ at the top menu bar -> Select ‘Inverse’
d. Go to ‘Layers’ tab -> Fill back ground with pure white (or create a new layer with pure white fill and delete old background in original layer then place ‘Original’ layer to uppermost level)
e. Ctrl + D (deselect)

Now the work is done here & ready to be post-edited!

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