Friday, March 18, 2016

Shoe Price in Developed Nation Status

In developed nation status, i.e. being 1:1 with USoffreakinA, this shoe, in reality is worth RM50 to Malaysians- just the same as US$50 is worth to an Amerikoonz.

But nooo...Malaysia still have to put a higher value by 300% to a farking shoe & work up RM200+ to buy it.

In developed nation reality, this shoe is RM50..


The funny thing about this and I can't help but feel hurt is that some Malaysian, in a factory in Malaysia, helped made that shoe.
Its so unreal to earn a cheap labor pay by helping Amerikoonz company make those shoes.
Yet, that same person has to buy those shoes at a premium price on the local market.


These shoes are probably made in Vietnam, but you get the idea.

Looks like Amerikoonz factory is creating job opportunities in Malaysia.
Yes, how presumably noble of them...and great material for local politicians.

Economic Utopia Smokescreen aside, because of our crappy Ringgit, those Malaysian workers who buy such shoes are returning part of their own cheap labor salary back to their foreign employer.

Long live Vietnam!!

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