Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Crazy Clean High-End i7 32GB DDR3 3D Rendering PC System 2012

* Harga satu set ialah RM1500 (firm)
* Cash-On-Collect (COC) di lokasi di Ampang, Selangor
* Satu Set sila tambah RM75 Poslaju (Semenanjung), RM200 Poslaju Sabah/Sarawak
* Pos dengan Pos Berdaftar, RM60 (Semenanjung), RM160 Poslaju Sabah/Sarawak

High-End i7 32GB DDR3 PC System 2012 Description:

* All pictures of item shown were taken in HDR mode of phone camera: NO post editing and  other software based aesthetic manipulation
* System in excellent condition and works well, same as ever

* For sale because system unused for production work, system never pushed to its limits (I can't recall this system being used for any 24/7 rendering jobs, etc)
* System components were individually purchased and assembled in end of December 2012 with then Brand New market value totaling to almost RM3100
* Thermal paste newly applied
* Changed to new CR2032 BATTERY on Motherboard CMOS
* Well organized cabling work to maximize airflow and clutter control

* 1+ week of taking apart system components, dusting, bleach cleaning parts, and reassembly !! (I took my time; slow and steady)

* Looks better now than it ever was, even when system was brand new and first assembled (Ya, I was surprised too: seems illogical – but look at the system now, looks Brand New!)
* The Corsair PC casing is built like a tank, and will last for more years

FREE Stuff !!

* FREE Logitech MK100 Classic Desktop Keyboard + Wireless Mouse + 4pcs AA Rechargeable Batteries
* FREE LiteOn 24x Internal DVDR Writer
* FREE TP-Link Network Card

* Extra 1TB HDD SATA3 for data storage, Total 2TB
* Ideal High-End Intel i7 PC system for 3D/CAD/Game production and rendering
* Clean Install W8.1 Pro with all system software installed – up and ready to go
* In general, 1 week personal warranty

High-End i7 32GB DDR3 PC System 2012 Specifications:

* High-End Intel i7 3770 CPU (Still a performance contender, even after 4 years in market)
* Corsair Carbide 300R PC Casing

* Ample juice for Power-hungry, High-end Graphics Cards: Seasonic S12II7 620W PSU 80 Plus Bronze Single Rail (around 21 months Warranty remaining)
* Maxed-out slots for 32GB DDR3 Corsair Value Ram at 8GB x 4 configuration (Lifetime Warranty: basically whatever time period Corsair thinks that this product will last under standard usage conditions)
* Asrock H77 Pro4 MVP Motherboard
* 1 x WD 1TB HDD WD10EZEX 64MB Cache
* 1 x WD 1TB HDD 32MB Cache

* Note: * Monitor NOT included

Bayaran kepada Abas Kamal bin Sulaiman:

* CIMB: 7011924270
* Maybank: 162496046363
* Public Bank: 4740021021


Whatsapp: 018-280-8091
Email: cukcek3d@gmail.com
Skype: abaskamal

* Codemand sentiasa memastikan setiap produk yang dijual adalah berkualiti dan sedia berfungsi.

* Jaminan waranti 1 minggu dari tarikh penerimaan

* Jadual Poslaju pada hari Ahad (10am pagi), Selasa (8:30am pagi), dan Khamis (8:30am pagi); tiada penghantaran pada Cuti Umum

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