Sunday, January 13, 2008

LoudLaunch: My DELAYED January 2008 Pending Payments Reduced

I am totally dumbfounded to what is happening with my LoudLaunch account. Why are the pending payments on my account reduced to $120 from $225? I did a lot of hard work & followed the posting instructions carefully.

Now a lot of my posts are marked as "abeyance" & my DELAYED January 2008 pending payments reduced.

!!?!!!??!! “Abeyance” !!?!!!??!!

I even needed to check the dictionary for the meaning!

*Encarta Dictionary: English (North America) Abeyance 1. suspension of activity,temporary inactivity or non operation 2. ownership unestablished, a condition in which legal ownership of an estate has not been established

I am still waiting for a good explanation about my current situation. I would probably have to delete the eight "abeyance" posts from my blogs since I am not going to be paid for them.

A similar incident happened to my LoudLaunch account once before but only two posts were put on hold because the advertiser pause all the offers.

PphhBBbttt! :(

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