Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Batman is Marvel Super Hero Realism at Its Best!

Fans of the marvel super hero, Batman will surely like the new Batman: The Dark Knight movie. Watch The Dark Knight trailers! Batman is a Marvel comic book hero with no super powers at all. Nonetheless, he is very athletic & highly trained in the martial arts. Additionally, Bruce Wayne is a multi billionaire & sources the best equipment to help him become Batman & fight crime in Gotham City. The fact that Batman is a normal human being & portrayed as one in the Batman: The Dark Knight will win over new fans for the Marvel super hero.

Batman is a super hero character that normal people can relate to because one can do anything that Batman can do having achieved the skills & physique of the Batman, & provided you have the best crime fighting equipment that money can buy. Having said the above; the Batman: The Dark Knight movie is about realism. He is not like Spiderman, Hulk, or even Superman who has super powers. Click on to view The Dark Knight trailers!

You can relate his character to Ironman but Batman is a better fighter in person. Batman is Marvel super hero realism at its best! In the Batman: The Dark Knight movie, you will see Batman fight his arch enemy, the Joker who in turn, is given a new make over & is more dangerous than ever! Watch Batman use his arsenal of high tech weaponry & impeccable fighting skills against the Joker in the Batman: The Dark Knight movie.

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