Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Aztech Wireless Broadband Router WL830RT4 Features

Some features of the Aztech Wireless Broadband Router WL830RT4:

• eXtended Range™ support to boost your wireless network range to up to 3 times.
Up to 54Mbps fast wireless data rate.

• Enhanced wireless security with 64/128/152 - bit WEP/WPA keys and AES encryption.

• eXtended Range™ feature interoperable with other third party devices.
Extensive network usage/parental control

I did take a look at a newer 802.11 n wireless router, the Aztech WL950RT4 Wireless N Router from Aztech but it is priced at about thrice the cost of the one I bought. I pondered upon the use of the 802.11 n in my home: Its top speed is about 270Mbps provided that all connected devices are of 802.11 n standard too. I do not want the rest of my family to be using more bandwidth than the amount I am currently experiencing on a direct connection which is about 100Mbps. Slow internet sucks! Also, a few questions came to my mind.

Who uses an 802.11 n laptop in my home? Nobody
When will I reckon be using an 802.11 n laptop? In about 2 years
Do I have other devices that are of 802.11 n standard? No

After answering the questions above, I arrived upon the decision that an 802.11 n wireless router will not be of optimal use in my home. The rest was easy. Do note that you can also download data sheets (detail brochures) of the Aztech products in PDF format over at Aztech.com. I don’t know about Aztech sites for other parts of the world but the Malaysian site sure allows for the downloading. Anyway, you may want to try it!

Thinking of upgrading the wireless router at your home?


Selerines said...

Where is the recent post? Fine put one post about the working of it.... Got the device ha?

a.i. editor said...

Ok, no problem, my friend. I will link the posts together for you. The workings of it is in the works. Today or tomorrow will post it.

Most possibly today I can do it. I am using the Aztech Wireless Router on the post at the moment & wil inform you of how it works! Basically so far so good!

Thanks for stopping by my blog again. I really appreciate your visits & comments, Shiva. Are you interested in buying a wireless router?

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