Saturday, June 7, 2008

What are you doing to make a difference in the world?

Do you ever separate items to be thrown away as rubbish so that some of them can get recycled? Have you ever volunteered to help out the elderly at the local old folk’s home in your area during weekends? The things you do can help towards making life better for others & the world. For example, having every Australian not use electricity for an hour per day can reduce the amount of coal burning required to generate power thus help save the earth’s environment by slowing down global warming.

Every individual has the power to make change for the better & Reader’s Digest (Reader's Digest Homepage) thinks the same too. Take your first step towards making your mark for a better world today. A lot of people are creating changes in the world. Do visit - Make Your Mark to read about the achievements & ongoing projects that people like yourself can participate & make changes for a better world. You can participate in the weekly challenge set forth by Some of them may require you to donate money or chip in to buy life stock & etc.

For many people with decent income, it is not a difficult thing to do & you will feel great to be a part of an energized community, proactively making changes for the better, in your local town, state, country & even other parts of the world! For example, the challenge for Week of May 5-11 is to cut down on car pollution. You can choose to do three things; step, stretch or leap. Regardless which option you choose, you are doing a good thing!

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