Saturday, January 9, 2010

This is a Composite Software Security Problem - Combating Malware 030110 to 060110

It was when I ran the software install application that the PcTools anti-virus on the laptop alerted me to the Malware. Thinking that it was a minor Malware which Spybot Search & Destroy could handle like it had for me for the past couple of years; I did not have PcTools block the Malware as the software was in the midst of being installed; I did not want to disrupt the current installation - silly me. Only after the software installation and laptop restarted did the Windows really go haywire.

Now I can't really pinpoint a single culprit for this Windows XP software disaster. Anyway, I don't think that there is only one cause for the current problem. This is a composite software security problem. There are two strong perpetrators for the case. The first is placing the blame on a corrupted Windows update. You see, I had, a few months ago initiated an SP3 upgrade on another laptop and that too caused the WIndows XP SP2 to go haywire albeit not as bad as this one. So, it is reasonable for me to suspect that a corrupted Windows upgrade is a partial or perhaps a major culprit in the Windows XP software problem.

The second argument is that the extra computer where I do all the downloading, research, etc has Windows XP SP2 installed on it which was never updated - how this computer relates to the Malware on the laptop, I will write about now. I brought the USB flash drive from the now crazy laptop to my diagnostic cum research computer. I wanted to transfer some malware diagnostic tools. To my discontent, some crazy virus, malware, Trojans, etc (the whole gang!) hitched a ride on the USB flash drive, infecting my computer. Now I had two computers going insane.

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